How to do your own iron transfer tee: Help by Thee Oh Sees

Here’s my latest effort. As I had the opportunity to take more photos this time, I thought it’d be wise to build a kind of guide on how to do an iron transfer t-shirt. So, here are the steps.

My choice first of all was the brilliant Oh Sees album cover for Help. The cover is all yellow-ish around the design but that can be very easily turned to white with Photoshop. What you should then do is print a sample page before printing on the actual iron-on transfer paper (it comes a bit expensive, best check your inks, colors, size etc. first). Remember that for iron transfers you always have to use an inkjet printer and don’t forget to mirror print your image if necessary (it wouldn’t make much difference for this purple bat as it’s already almost mirror art).


Next step. Use a scalpel knife or something of the same nature to cut around your transfer. Cut close to the design line.


Once you’ve done that you’re ready to proceed. Preheat the iron to the maximum temperature, turning off steam (don’t forget that, it’ll ruin your transfer). Do your ironing according to instructions that come with each paper, always on a firm surface (I used the floor) with an ironed piece of cloth beneath. Iron your t-shirt as well, to avoid any cracks.


It’s wise to use silicon sheets on top of the design when ironing for best results.


When you’re done with the ironing you have to act fast. Remove the silicon sheet, always have the knife handy for lifting paper off the design edges, pull the paper off while it’s still a bit hot (this way you’ll achieve a matte finish and won’t have pieces of paper stuck on your tee).


There you go, all done! And always check whether the t-shirt fits you before going on with the transfer. This Oh Sees tee was a size too small after washing and had to be given away. Unfortunately.