Black Flag’s album cover detail on a white tee

So Raymond Pettibon did play the bass for Black Flag back in 1976 (at least according to Wikipedia, they were called Panic back then). Of course he didn’t continue his music career but did a lot of art, the famous four bars logo and stuff like that for the band (his most adored album cover however remains Sonic Youth’s Goo, more on which you can find in this older post). The detail on the t-shirt below is from Black Flag’s 1984 Family Man album done by the same artist. I just love the bright colors for this dark subject depicted and thought it would look great on a white tee.

To do this I used the Jet-Pro SofStretch iron transfer paper which you can find in the yolö online store (if you live somewhere in Europe anyway, for dark fabrics refer to the previous post). The paper worked pretty good to begin with but, as you can see, there were a lot of cracks after washing a couple of times. To avoid this I would suggest following the washing instructions that come with the paper, usually something like cold water, wash inside-out etc. Never did follow those which I think would be a good idea to start doing.


To be honest, I don’t mind those cracks that much, they give an old feel to the t-shirt.

Never got to find out what that “November 23, 1963” date is all about. In fact, it’s one day after the John F. Kennedy assassination. Other than that I really don’t know. If you have a better clue let me know people!


Burned iron-on transfer: Girly Sonic Youth tee

There’s such a huge gap in the t-shirt photos I have. I used to make a lot for friends and now have to go looking as I didn’t keep an archive unfortunately.

This is a much more recent one, done probably around 2010, girly tee involving Sonic Youth’s Goo back coverGoo’s album cover is surely one of the most loved, heavily printed and altered for fun pieces of art. Same goes for almost all the album covers done by Raymond Pettibon, whom you can check out in OFF!’s Black Thoughts video doing his thing (great artist, definitely refer to his bio if you’re not yet familiar).


For this tee, I went with the back cover as an alternative to the exhaustively used front one (don’t get me wrong, I own a Goo tee too and love both, album and t-shirt art). The line goes “NOTHING….LIPSTICK, A LITTLE BLOOD”.


See that brown-ish decolorization on the transfer? That ought to be the tip for this post. It’s better not to go buying iron-on transfer paper from a chain store brand. Such bad quality. I ironed this one for a few seconds more than I should have and suddenly turned to burned brown paper. Be careful choosing your paper, do your research and spend a bit more to have a nice result.